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Staging your home for a fast sale

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

In 2018 conducted a worldwide study of 4200+ staged homes. A couple of statistics stand out:

1). 85% of the staged homes sold for prices that were higher by 6% to 25% than the un-staged homes overall.

2). 68% of the staged homes sold at 9% higher prices than the other un-staged houses in the same neighborhood with similar characteristics.

I think we can see that staging works and is certainly worth the effort in a big way! So what's the cost??

It's much less that you'd think. There are many Realtors out there (I'm one of them) who will be happy to assist with staging.

If your house is empty and you've moved on to your next job assignment or to your favorite little cottage on the lake the most responsible thing to do is paint, freshen up and repair all the tacky little details that you never did while you were living there. I'm not shamin'.... I have a very busy life too and don't get around to perfect upkeep and maintenance either.

It's super easy to put pretty towels and bath soaps in every bathroom. Leave appropriate paraphernalia on the kitchen counter like cookbooks, trinkets and "happy home signs" from Cracker Barrel or Hobby Lobby. The two rooms that sell the house are the kitchen and the master bedroom so there's your focus!!

If you still live in your home and want top dollar you really need to HEAR my next few sentences!! Take all the pictures down off the walls of you and your family. Buyers cannot imagine themselves in a home if you seem to still live there. They feel as if they are rummaging through someone else's life. Pack 75% of your small items in boxes & stack them neatly in the corner of the garage. If your home looks a bit stark & barren.... great, you get a gold star!!

You can see never-ending pictures for awesome examples at Pintrest and Houzz. Happy staging.... and call me if you need some ideas.

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