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Midterm Elections are over!

All but one of the constitutional amendments passed. This year marked the greatest number of amendments on a ballot in 20 years! I think we did a pretty good job of making our minds up. We had record EARLY voter turnout!! Wow! That suggests to me that a bunch of people wanted to be heard.

I am not stating my political convictions here because this is not the place but one thing you can say about "The Donald" is whether you love him or hate him he makes people have an opinion. Controversy certainly made people vote.

As far as real estate is concerned.... the only amendment that didn't pass was raising the homestead exemption from 50K to 75K. I believe that this was a good decision. We do not have state income tax in Florida. Families and large companies flock to our state to live and "headquater" their businesses partially based on that fact. We have a great lifestyle and manage to live affordably. Raising the tax would have only benefited most individuals by a couple of hundred dollars a year and it would have hurt local governments greatly. I am very glad that the voters realized that fact.

The next couple of years promise to be interesting. Watch and read as much political news as you can tolerate, keep an open mind and continue to let your voice be heard. Good job, Florida!!

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