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Joys of family at the holidays!

Thanksgiving 2018 was yesterday. We had a blast. I only had 7 people for dinner and somehow we wound up with 8 full deserts! It's always a fantastic launch for the Christmas season and reminds us to be truly grateful for all that we have.

I host the family gatherings now that my mom is 90. I used to have 25 to 30 people but thru the dreaded double d's (Death & Divorce) I have been pared back to a small handful. The reality makes me even more aware of the fragility of life.

We should all take careful effort to be awake and fully present while we are with our loved ones. I turned my cell phone off and (get this!) totally removed the television from the living room. I unscrewed it from the wall and put it in the utility room!! I thought I would get backlash from the guys who won't sit for girly chit-chat. But to my pleasant surprise no one missed it!! Hooray for civility.... it's not yet totally lost.

I wish all of you reading this a wonderful holiday season and please call me if you want to buy or sell a house!!!

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